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jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015

Our winner scary stories for Halloween

                                 The Curse (By Raul Heras, 1º ESO A)

It was a very dark night. The snow of the winter shone in the black night. Tom, who was lost in the road, after walking for thousand menters, saw a small village.
There wasn't anybody there. Evrything was dark.But suddenly, he found a flashlight.

"Why is this here?", he wondered

He switched on the flashlight and walked until he saw a very big house. He decided to go inside for food and drink. The door made a strong noise so he was a little bit scared.

"Hello, Is there anyone here?"-shouted Tom

Then the doors opened by their own, as if an invisible person had opened them. The house had a lot of pictures and mirrors. He went inside and heard a lot of girls voices saying:

"Tommmmmm, comeeeee with me"

As he walked in the house the voices become stronger, suddenly a shadow passed like a thunder, but without light. He went up the stairs looking for somebody but nobody was there. He entered a room, a girl´s room. Near the window a doll was sitting on a chair, it shouted:

"Comeeeee with me!!!"

Then , Tom ran faster than a thunder, but at the door, the shadow that had passed him before, turned into a monster, with a very scary face, and said with a scary voice:

"Now, the curse will follow you for the rest of your life!!"

The monster was like three metres tall, and it had very long arms, it had a dark aura around it.

He ran to another village, but the curse didn´t leave him. Tom didn´t stop seeing monsters and had nightmares for the rest of his life


     HALLOWEEN (by Olga Fernández 1º Bach bil)

It was a dark night. A 31st October night. It was Halloween and John was watching a horror film with his friends. And he was very frightened because the film was horrible. But all his friends said that they had already seen the film. They were really hard boys. When the film finished he wento sleep. In the middle of the night John woke up because his door was opening. He saw a ghost pass in front of him.. John went down the stairs and saw the ghost again. But the ghost was very small. Suddenly he realised the ghost was his cat. There was a sheet on top of the cat.
But....when John was going up the stairs with his cat, behind them there was  a red ghost.....

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